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Spring/Summer 2018

Three Poems

by Jennifer N. Shannon




trains remind me of the 20’s

top hats

eyes peering from the caboose
“all aboard” carving out its space amidst other sounds; flirting
each there
seeking or fleeing
taste-buds itching for destiny
a great migration
storm clouds would follow. 

Photos by Jennifer N. Shannon




salty dirt roads holler out caution

abandoned homes beg to keep out

chains, fences to keep in

I grew up there
South Carolina
the prettiest town in Dixie

in Dixie, bare foot

picking fallen pecans

hop scotch in the street

something back then spoke to me told me

to run
I followed the whispers
without hearing any sound. 




smoke cuffed between two fingers, breeze wafting its pollutants about the lungs of others who walked by. he stared off into future images. head mostly filled with visions and schemes for newness. finally he snapped back into now, dumped the ashes

gazing down towards various footsteps. he pushed his slouched body away from the antique building, softly caressing hard fingertips against temples. uneasy with how he left, unwilling to

go back. “I was wrong,” he contemplated, but “right.” all he knew was back in that space

those familiar voices. but his mind lay somewhere in the future. secretly he was hopeful. even in uncertainty he was ready for identity. for happy. peering nowhere in particular, hands contained in pockets, hat pulled towards brow, he subtly planted himself in-line with others

who were chasing destiny. 

jennifer n. shannon (jns) is a writer, poet, creative. she’s authored and published three books and has had short stories and poems published in literary magazines.  she can almost always be found pouring her heart into various forms of expression, in hopes of inspiring others…visit to experience those means of expression.

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