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spring/summer 2017

The Poetry of America:

Amiri Baraka Born Again Inside a 1943 Dali Painting

by Brad Walrond 

Salvador Dalí, 1943 oil on canvas 

The Poetry of America
reads like a bold-faced concussion

suddenly I can’t remember
whether this desert used to be a plantation

before it transitioned into a Dust Bowl

America’s first gold rush
was black as cotton
I’ve lived long enough to witness
slave owners reinvent themselves
as a National Football League
male privileged amputees
wear wife beaters and loose lip canons
who still find time in between commercials
to turn Serena’s nipple into an auto-erotic instrument

blood-ink areola turn to

oil con gas

pure as unrefined sugar
inside a Warhol coca-cola bottle

long long before Andy was born

if domesticated aliens
tote America’s impugnable innocence

along an always ironed white sheet

that used to be the Japanese flag







at the indigenous red clay

get your box seats and gamble on Reservations

while White supremacy sits on top of Goodell’s ass

who da one made referees
cry foul in black and white uniforms?
are those outfits uniforms or flashbacks?

or is it we all become naked and bi-racial

at 3rd and goal on Monday nights?

Who’s marking Time at Washington’s Monument?

Who the hell spells Malcolm with an X?
Is Amiri Baraka’s poems as negro
and american as LeRoi Jones’

in this Norton Anthology?


or vice versa

meanwhile all of Africa wilts into a spent condom
and the Republican Party head butts
every thing else non-white and moving in the Mojave Desert

When I die I will donate:
my dutch pot to the Smithsonian

and my brain to science
only then will any of us be certain

whether we died from playing

America’s favorite past time

Or simply from watching the game 

Brad Walrond is a poet, author, activist, and mixed-media performance artist born in Brooklyn, New York to first generation Caribbean parents from Barbados. Brad received his MA in Political Science from Columbia University and his poetry has been published in the New York Times, African Voices, Moko Magazine, and Eleven Eleven. His first collection of prose and poems every where alien will be published on Moore Black Press. Follow him on Instagram @bradwalrond

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