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Call for Submissions

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the visual issue  /  Issue No. 8

Auburn Avenue is seeking submissions for its next issue, the visual issue, to be published later this year. Submissions are open to all artists and writers of color.   


The issue will feature 20 selected submissions. Eligible types of submissions include animations, drawings, fiction, graphic art, mixed media, moving images, nonfiction, paintings, performance art, photo essays and stand-alone photography, poetry, recorded poetry readings/poetry films, sculptures, short films (narrative and documentary), text-based art, and theatrical performances.

Please see the detailed submission guide in .pdf format here: 


Traditional works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry are welcomed, only if they contain some instance of ekphrasis and are accompanied by visuals. Writers may produce the visuals themselves or partner with visual artists to produce them. All submitted materials must be original. All visuals that are not your own must be submitted with the permission of the original artist(s). We are seeking work that is previously unpublished or unposted in any form.


Modest honoraria will be provided for accepted submissions ($50 per accepted submission). 


 We are seeking submissions that address, but are not limited to, the following themes:



Reproductive Justice

Redefining Beauty 

Love (both Traditional & Revolutionary; in all forms)

The Dirty South

Cultural and Historical Appreciation(s)

Music as Medicine 

Grief & Loss


Loneliness / Solitude 

Peace in the Face of Opposition

Black Rural Life

Channeling Our Ancestors


Embodied Identity

Honoring Native Land & Peoples

Please send submissions as attachments to with the genre and title of work in the subject heading. Include your name, as it will appear if published, on all submission uploads along with any relevant titles or descriptions. In addition, please include a 2-3 sentence bio with your submission(s). Thank You.

We are currently accepting submissions for this issue on a continuing basis.

*We welcome and encourage submissions from: those of the African Diaspora, Latinx peoples, Asian peoples, women of color, LGBTQ people of color, natives/indigenous peoples, immigrants, refugees, those with disabilities, and those with intersectional identities.

*There is no limit on the number of submissions that can be made. 

*All submitted content must be original (as authored by the submitter), previously unpublished in any form, free of any copyright restrictions, and must not infringe upon the terms of any third party agreement(s). 

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