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Paternal Grandmother in Virginia.png
"Paternal Grandmother in Virginia"
spring/summer 2019

Southern Twang

by Jordan Thompkins

“Southern Twang” is a black and white photo series composed of photos that characterize the lifestyle, and overall legacy of the South. To me (a native northerner), the South feels historic. I walk down some of the same streets that others marched in protest and unrest.


The South is quiet, but also, playful. The summers here are charming; slow and steady. Golden hour seems never ending. 

This is the South through my eyes.


--Jordan Thompkins

Naomi King on Auburn Ave.png
"Naomi King on Auburn Avenue"
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"Members Only"
Quittin' Time.png
"Quittin' Time"

Jordan Thompkins is 22-year-old photographer living in Atlanta, Georgia. Jordan shoots portraiture as well as candid, documentary style photos. His Instagram serves as a running portfolio of his work and can be viewed at 

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