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 the GENDER issue / POETRY

Case Study in Disrespecting Gender

by D'mani Thomas

Michelle Tamika Washington.jpg
Photo: Michelle "Tamika" Washington, a Black transgender woman from Philadelphia, PA  who was murdered in May 2019.

A moment of silence please 

           for Black trans womxn & Black gender fuckers

Dana Martin      was to    Apple         as     Jazzaline Ware    was to       Lime      as    Ashanti Carmon    was

to  Orange   as    Claire Legato        was to              Lemon   as         Muhlaysia Booker            was

to            Mango                   as         Michelle “Tamika” Washington               was to   Kiwi    as    


Paris Cameron                   was to                Watermelon.


      show me skin that won't open with a blade    

      and I'll show you uh violence not given at birth


Chynal Lindsey. 

Johana Medina Leon. 

Chanel Scurlock. 

Zoe Spears. 

Denali Berries Stuckey. 

Tracy Single. 

Kiki Fantroy. 

Pebbles LaDime Doe. 

Bailey Reeves. 

Bee Love.

Yeah                     I’d like to remember a history not preached in blood.                 but this is not            

                              the space                             the time             to forget

              In making this memorial I am one step closer to understanding               gender     

                                                                                                                                                   or                          lack

boy with no gender holds vigil and one person shows up    


                             gender fucker,                  what do you want to be remembered as

fruit                     or                            the people


              I offer:                a white space in which                 we do not die


D’mani Thomas is a defender of Oakland, lover of Outkast, Buffy the Vampire enthusiast, horror film fanatic and a 2017 & 2018 Cal SLAM National Poetry team member. His work often meditates on resurrection, music, black queer living, being a nerd, and writing the future. 

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