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Spring/Summer 2017

A question of bones.

for Mari Evans

by jessica Care moore

What will they make of our bones,

Black & beautiful & identified
as woman?

Will they replant us and recycle our magic

Will we grow into a new familiar strange

                    american fruit?


Will they finally eat us, whole.

Crack us open like a walnut on Christmas

Will we finally be recognized for the gift

we are to the world?

When we are dead, will skeletons
File into a formation of forgiveness, reverence?

Will they return our bones to our children?

So we can bury their memories in an unmarked grave

I imagine Alice Walker triumphantly coming for Zora

Digging her out of that dirt, with body of work
still bursting with breath

Who will come

Who will come

Who will come


for the rest of us?

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